Wintergreen Meeting of Physical Chemists 2021

September 25-29, 2021

Wintergreen Resort - Wintergreen, Virginia

What are the most exciting topics in physical chemistry? What important questions are going unanswered? Where do we want our field to be in 10 years? What barriers require attention in order to meet our goals? How can experimental and theoretical physical chemists work together to define institutional and national directions in chemistry and interdisciplinary science and engineering? These are the general subjects to be discussed at the first Wintergreen Meeting of Physical Chemists.

After you register, we will reach out with a separate link to pay for your registration. The cost to register is $910 and includes a single-occupancy room for 4 nights, breakfast & lunch, and meals for the opening/closing reception dinners. Resort recreational activities and other meals are not included.

If you want to bring a your spouse/partner as a guest, we will charge a $500 fee to cover a double-occupancy room for 4 nights and to include them in workshop meals.

Registration payments and cancelations are due by August 25.

Registration is now closed!
Date Start Time End Time Event
4:00 PM 11:00 PM Check In
- Dinner at leisure (reservation required)
6:00 PM 8:00 PM Welcome Reception & Cocktails
     - Hors d'oeuvres
     - Open Bar
Discussion Leader: Christy Landes
Randall Goldsmith
University of Wisconsin Madison
New Technology Drives New Biophysical Single-Molecule Measurements
8:00 AM 9:30 AM Continental Breakfast
8:45 AM 9:00 AM Welcome & Opening Remarks
- Introductions
- Agenda & Expected Outcomes
9:00 AM 12:00 PM Discussion Leader: Christy Landes
Julie Biteen
University of Michigan
Tracking Motion in Living Cells: Biochemical Measurements with the Tools of Physical Chemistry
Ariel Alperstein
University of Minnesota
Raman Spectroscopy to Improve Gene Therapy Vehicle Design for CRISPR/Cas9
Colin Heyes
University of Arkansas
Studying Highly Dynamic Proteins Involved in Targeting Light Harvesting Complex Proteins to the
Thylakoid Membrane Using Single Molecule Fluorescence and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Chayan Dutta
Rice University
3D Transport Inside Live Cells
Christine Payne
Duke University
12:00 PM 2:00 PM Lunch & Discussion Topic
2:00 PM 6:30 PM Activities/Dinner on Your Own
6:30 PM 8:30 PM Discussion Leader: Christine Payne
Clyde Daly
Haverford College
Leah Bowers
Princeton University
Sergei Tretiak
Los Alamos National Laboratory
In the Quest for Excited States, From Machine Learning to Non-Adiabatic Dynamics
8:00 AM 9:30 AM Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM 12:00 PM Discussion Leader: Dong Hee Son
Peng Chen
Cornell University
Single-Nanoparticle Catalysis
Paul Ohno
Harvard University
Measuring Phase State and Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in Aerosols with Fluorescence
Shelley Claridge
Purdue University
Transforming Phospholipids: New Opportunities for Nanomaterials and Physical Chemistry
Stephen Lee
Rice University
Stephan Link
Rice University
12:00 PM 2:00 PM Lunch & Discussion Topic
2:00 PM 6:30 PM Activities/Dinner on Your Own
6:30 PM 8:30 PM Discussion Leader: Sergei Tretiak
Dong Hee Son
Texas A&M University
Kenneth Brown
Duke University
Ion Trap Quantum Simulations of Conical Intersections
Postdoc CV Review
8:00 AM 9:30 AM Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM 11:30 PM Discussion Leader: Stephan Link
Charlisa Daniels
Northern Kentucky University
Carlos Baiz
University of Texas at Austin
Ultrafast H-Bond Dynamics in Crowded Environments
Xiao You
University of Texas at Austin
Short- and Long-Range Crowding Effects on Water's Hydrogen Bond Networks
Lydia Kisley
Case Western Reserve University
11:30 PM 1:30 PM Lunch & Discussion Topic
1:30 PM 6:00 PM Activities/Dinner on Your Own
6:00 PM 7:30 PM Discussion Leader: Lydia Kisley
Jixin Chen
Ohio University
A Few Theoretical and Experimental Attempts in Diffusive Adsorption Kinetics
Sean Roberts
University of Texas at Austin
Manipulating Light with Organic:Inorganic Junctions
7:30 PM 9:45 PM Closing Reception
- Served Dinner
- Cash Bar
8:00 AM 9:30 AM Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM 11:00 AM Discussion Leaders: Clyde Daly, Julie Biteen, & Andreas Galhmann
Andreas Gahlmann
University of Virginia
Resolving the Diffusive States of Cytosolic Bacterial Proteins
Postdoc Interview Prep
11:00 AM Check Out